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High school senior plans a senior (citizen) project

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal Carson High School senior Lindsay Ford, 18, works with Terrie McNutt at Coaches banquet room at Silver Oak Golf Course on March 20. Ford's senior project is coordinating the Senior-Senior prom, which will be held at Coaches.

Carson High School Senior Lindsay Ford, 18, has less than a month to finish her senior project. For the last major endeavor of her high school career, Ford chose to organize the senior-senior prom.

What is the senior-senior prom?

“It’s basically a prom for senior citizens with raffle tickets and a jazz band that is held on the evening before Carson High School’s prom. It’s supposed to be a time to reminisce about the good times they had back when they were in high school.”

Why choose this as your senior project?

In the last couple years it hasn’t been done and several teachers approached me and asked me to bring it back this year.

What is the most challenging part of the project?

“It’s hard to get publicity and get the word out for seniors to come. We had to get information to all the senior centers and get them involved to make it happen. The biggest thing will be getting people to go. It’s not something where you have to buy tickets so we have no idea how many people will show up.”

What has doing this project taught you?

“That I procrastinate a lot. I still have a lot to do and get done and I’m running out of time. We are not even close to ready to go, but this project is not overwhelming like a lot of people have said.”

What advice would you give to the juniors who will soon pick their projects?

“Don’t procrastinate. Make sure you pick something you actually care about, don’t just do something because you have to pick a project.”

What have you learned from your teachers at Carson High that you can use later?

“It’s not always about getting the best grade or being the best, but about getting the best lesson out of the experience.”