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High voter turnout in Carson City expected

Nevada Appeal Capital Bureau

Poll workers say a steady stream of voters is turning out at Carson City’s polling places.

One volunteer said there were fewer waiting in line when the polls opened at 7 a.m than two years ago, just 20 or so. But he said the traffic picked up shortly afterward and has been busy all day so far.

Clerk/Recorder Alan Glover said the capital is on track for the 86-87 percent turnout he predicted at the close of early voting. More than half of that total voted early.

Volunteers also had the sense that a significant number of Democrats were voting despite early predictions this election cycle would be dominated by Republicans.

Matt Griffin, elections deputy for the secretary of state’s office, said the rumor that voting machines have been sabotaged to automatically vote for Harry Reid surfaced again this week after a talk radio show resurrected the story.

Griffin said that story was completely debunked by investigators.

“Seven people said it,” he said. “We sent investigators to all of them and all of them said it didn’t happen.”

He said the all denied having problems voting for Sharron Angle when they were asked to make an official report by state and FBI investigators.

An 87 percent turnout in Carson City would be 15 points higher than the last non-presidential election in 2006, although lower than the 91 percent turnout in 2008 when President Obama was elected.

Both Griffin and Glover said there had been very few problems reported and few complaints Tuesday.