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Homecoming candidates ready for election

teri Vance

California’s recall election on Tuesday piqued the nation’s interest. But Carson High School students have another election on their minds: Who will be this year’s Homecoming king and queen?

Candidates rehearsed on Tuesday their performance for Thursday’s assembly where they will be formally introduced to the student body.

“I just think it’s a bunch of fun,” said king candidate Robby Liebherr, 17. “I wouldn’t care who won. We’re all friends.”

But among the queen candidates, Robby seemed to be favored for the big win.

“I think it will be Robby because he’s really outgoing and he’s got a good sense of humor,” said Ashley Mead, 17.

The others nodded in agreement. Then Maria Urbina, 17, hesitated.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I can totally see Nick getting it because he’s such a dork or Jared because he’s so funny. Really, it could be anyone.”

Again, the girls agreed.

Candidates were selected by fellow students and winners will be chosen through a voting process.

“I’m excited,” said Tabitha Adams, 17. “It’s just kind of cool that your peers picked you out of the whole class.”

Although they said it didn’t matter who won the crown, candidates said it was an experience they will cherish.

“I felt overjoyed when Mrs. Stoddard said I got nominated and would represent Carson High School,” said NIck Shine, 18.

The rehearsal coincided with the school’s crazy hair day as part of a week of dress-up days to promote school spirit.

Robby Liebherr participated in the activity. – “You gotta help me out,” he pleaded. “Make sure everybody knows it was crazy hair day so they don’t think this is just how my hair is.”