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‘Hospital Holiday Helpers’ cheer pediatrics ward

BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal Trevor Grant, 6-weeks-old, of Smith Valley, receives a Halloween greeting by Charlie Meeks, 4, from left, Briana Rutherdale, 11, Marjorie Meeks, 9, Emily Meeks, 11, and Charlotte Meeks, 11, in the pediatrics ward of Carson Tahoe Hospital on Sunday.

Many children see Halloween as some kind of government-sanctioned candy-entitlement program.

For one night of the year, they’re allowed to ring doorbells and extort sweets from total strangers, the threat of minor property damage implicit if they’re given something healthy and heinous, like an apple or a granola bar.

More than anything, Halloween is a holiday about “me.” How much candy can “I” get? How many miniature Milky Ways can “I” stuff into “my” huge mouth without choking?

Not so for “The Hospital Holiday Helpers,” a group of 9-to-11-year-olds from Gardnerville who spent part of the day at Carson-Tahoe Hospital dressed like different kinds of candy, decorating the hallways and handing out Halloween treats to patients in the pediatric ward.

Members Briana and Jordyn Rutherdale; and Charlotte, Emily and Marjorie Meeks printed up letters and went around to businesses like Happy Dollar, Costco and Casino Fandango asking for their support. The result: a box full of goodies for kids who aren’t able to go trick-or-treating this year.

Briana, age 11, went as all-out as an orange M&M can go, including sporting long orange eyelashes. Her sister Jordyn was home sick, but had come with the group the day before to help decorate.

Dale Meeks, father of a couple of Holiday Helpers,” said, “It’s pretty cool that they’re willing to give like they are, doing it out of love.”

It’s true, said a nurse’s assistant, most children their age “aren’t thinking of giving” when it comes time for Halloween.

Little Trevor Grant of Smith Valley enjoyed his first Halloween with a tiny pumpkin rattle and loads of love from the girls. The 6-week-old reveled in all the female attention, literally drooling on his bed.

Mom Kerri and her husband, Nick, seemed glad enough to be taking their youngest of three back home.

While “The Hospital Holiday Helpers” planned to go to their church for a Harvest Festival Sunday night, they already had their eyes on Thanksgiving.

“I’ll dress up as mashed potatoes and gravy,” joked Marjorie Meeks.

Additional help for the girls’ mission of mercy came from Always One Dollar, Family Support Counsel and The Dollar Tree.

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