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Housing woes blamed on politicians

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MESA, Ariz. – Like just about everyone in the Phoenix area, Jen Pollock has lost several neighbors to foreclosure and short sales. And, like hundreds of thousands of others in Arizona, Pollock and her husband are upside down on their mortgage, owing about twice as much as their suburban house is now worth.

They don’t want to walk away from it. They just wish someone would let them renegotiate their mortgage.

“The banks keep telling us they won’t talk to us unless we miss some payments. But that would ruin our credit,” said the 36-year-old mother.

Asked if she was upset by the lack of solutions being offered by presidential candidates for the housing crisis, she said she doesn’t pay much attention to politics.

Across America, despite the hundreds protesting for limited government or more government action, a broad swath of the middle class hit hard by the crash in housing prices is quietly resigned, given up on seeing any relief – particularly from politicians.

“No one’s come up with the answer,” said Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, who hosted President Barack Obama in 2009 when the president launched his first foreclosure relief plan.

“People are just holding on and thinking that as life generally is, somehow this thing will work its way out. I think they have zero confidence in the politicians’ ability to work it out for them,” said Smith, a Republican leading a Republic