How the money was spent |

How the money was spent

by staff

Quality of Life Initiative money was to be used to:

— Build trails and bike lanes creating a network of off-street multiple -use trails and on-street bike lanes.

— Finish the Aquatic Facility with therapy, indoor and outdoor pools.

— Build new recreation trails, picnic areas and trailhead parking Carson River.

— Beautify by initiating a street tree program and landscape enhancement of public areas.

— Add two adult softball fields, renovate three existing fields and pave the parking lot Centennial Park.

— Complete landscape/tree installation, pathways and restore the Wungenuma House at Mills Park.

— Build and upgrade multi-use fields for soccer, t-ball, football, softball, etc. facilities for youth sports

— Provide maintenance of a newly constructed Boys & Girls Club facility.

— Improve the Community Center for theatrical, cultural and musical arts.

— Complete range improvements, a security facility and add improved access to the Rifle/Pistol Range: .

— Renovate irrigation, add group picnic and exhibit areas, restrooms and parking Fuji Park.

— Build a new community multi-purpose gymnasium for year-round activity.