How well do you remember 2004? |

How well do you remember 2004?

Here’s a chance to prove your knowledge of the local, national and international events of 2004. Below are 15 questions. Some are easy, some are hard and some could require some extra research. All are answerable.

When you’re done, send in your name, age, school and number of correct answers and we’ll publish the top winners on next week’s Whatever page. E-mail your results to Answers are listed at the bottom.

So, get out your pencils, put on your thinking caps and go!

1. What movie came out this year that was based on a book by Chris Van Allsburg and also the idea for a book-reading and a railroad car ride at the Nevada State Railroad Museum?

A. The Incredibles

B. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events

C. The Polar Express

D. There’s was a children’s movie that came out this year?

2. What is the name of the sixth Harry Potter book?

A. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

B. “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”

C. “Harry Potter and the Billion-Dollar Book Series”

D. “The Fellowship and the Ring”

3. A new report card system that went into use in Carson City School District elementary schools this past fall uses:

A. A letter system of A-E

B. A number system of 1-4

C. A rank of either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory

D. Rankings of ‘In Need of Improvement” or “Making Adequate Yearly Progress”

4. The book that won the Newbery Medal in 2004 was:

A. “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

B. “The Slippery Slope”

C. “Tale of Despereaux”

D. “The Cat in the Hat”

5. Spirit and Opportunity are:

A. The names of Julia Roberts’ twins

B. The mottos of the states of Nevada and California

C. Finalists in the contest to name the new space shuttle

D. The Mars Rovers

6. In Nevada, which presidential candidate won more votes?

A. George Bush

B. Ralph Nader

C. John Kerry

D. Al Gore

7. Dr. Seuss was in the news this year because:

A. The children’s author, he did die

B. He got married, my oh my

C. He wrote a new book, for what it’s worth

D. It was the 100th anniversary of his birth

8. A new mayor was elected in Carson City in November. What is his name?

A. Oscar Goodman

B. Marv Teixeira

C. Ray Masayko

D. Bob Cashell

9. Teachers, looking for free materials for their classrooms, like solar system mobiles and telescopes, can find them at:

A. Carson City School District’s Children in Transition Clothes Closet

B. The Carson Valley Community Food Closet

C. Carson City School District Educator’s Closet

D. Friends In Service Helping

10. What seven-day holiday has its roots in African harvest festivals and was celebrated recently at the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada?

A. Hanukkah

B. Christmas

C. Winter break

D. Kwanzaa

11. What’s the name of the space telescope?

A. Double Bubble

B. Toil and Trouble

C. Hubble

D. Stubble

12. Which former president died this year?

A. Bill Clinton

B. Ronald Reagan

C. Jimmy Carter

D. Gerald Ford

13. A recent earthquake and resulting tsunami have affected homes and taken lives in:

A. Australia and New Zealand

B. Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and Somalia

C. The United States and Canada

D. Eastern Europe

14. What record did Lance Armstrong break this year?

A. Winning the Tour de France for the sixth straight time

B. Wearing the same shirt for longer than anyone else

C. Living longer with cancer than anyone else

D. Listening to more Sheryl Crow CDs than anyone else

15. The Carson City Sheriff’s Office started an educational program about the dangers of marijuana, tobacco, alcohol and inhalants in the Carson City School District this year. The program, taught to fifth-graders, is called

A. Climbing the Ladder Drug Education Program

B. The 12-Step Program

C. Alcohol and Drug Education Program

D. Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Some portions of the quiz provided by the Washington Post’s KidsPost page.

Answers: 1)C 2)B 3)B 4)C 5)D 6)A 7)D 8)B 9)C 10)D 11)C 12)B 13) B 14)A 15)D