Hundreds attend alcohol-compliance training session |

Hundreds attend alcohol-compliance training session

by F.T. Norton
Rick Gunn/Nevada Appeal Carson City Sgt. Robert White walks past a display of alcohol after speaking to a group of people who serve alcohol.

Nearly 300 employees and business owners packed a room at the Carson Nugget on Wednesday during the Carson City Sheriff’s Department’s first alcohol-compliance training seminar.

“This turnout is tremendous,” said Sheriff Kenny Furlong, who hopes to conduct such training sessions twice a year.

A sea of Hawaiian-shirted employees, an estimated 175, were told to attend the meeting by the management of Casino Fandango.

Fandango’s human resources director Dave Monegan said the meeting was mandatory for all employees.

“The message was a real important one for us – check those IDs,” he said. “The way the Sheriff’s Department presented it was, ‘We’re not out trying to bust you guys; we’re out trying to make it better for our juveniles,’ That’s why we’re so supportive of this.”

He said if an employee is found to have sold alcohol to a minor, he or she is immediately terminated.

“This is our kids we’re protecting,” he said.

Sgt. Bob White offered tips on avoiding sales to minors, properly checking identification and how to refuse a sale.

“If you aren’t sure the person is 21, you can refuse to sell to them,” he said.

In June, the Sheriff’s Department began a series of alcohol-compliance checks in which they visited random establishments to see if underage decoys would be served alcohol. The latest check two weeks ago resulted in 19 citations.

White said over the last 11 months, 50 citations have been issued. One of those cited was a Casino Fandango bartender, who was fired as a result.

Skits showing how the Sheriff’s Department conducts the compliance checks were performed by members of Carson High School’s “Stand Tall Don’t Fall,” a youth group designed to “glamorize and normalize alcohol-free behavior.”

The students’ involvement in the program impressed Monegan.

“Having them there, having them deliver that message was great,” he said.

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