Hunters warned to watch dogs for possible infections |

Hunters warned to watch dogs for possible infections

(Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau) – The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has issued a warning for hunters who use dogs to hunt waterfowl to monitor their dogs for a bacterial infection that affects the animals’ feet.

The infection known as marsh or swamp foot is caused by bacteria naturally occurring in the water and soil at both the Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge and Carson Lake near Fallon.

The symptoms include painful and swollen paws and legs as well as fever and can occur within a few hours of exposure.

Stillwater manager Nancy Hoffman said most hunting dogs don’t get the infection but, for those that do, they can be treated with antibiotics.

She said there have been four cases they know of since Oct. 1 and that the prolonged warm weather conditions are apparently keeping the bacteria active late into the hunting season.