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‘I just didn’t know how else to say ‘thank you’

After a deputy with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office helped one local woman find her lost wallet, she made sure to repay the department in a big way.

To show her appreciation to the department, 70-year-old Doris Rothman-Browning donated $2,500 to the K9 Unit and the Patrol Division.

It all started a week ago Friday while running errands Rothman-Browning lost her wallet. Not realizing it until the following day, she called the Sheriff’s Office to make a report. Deputy Kevin Murry arrived to help take her report, and Rothman-Browning said he went above and beyond her expectations.

“So I was standing outside (the Sheriff’s Office) and the nicest patrolman comes out, and he was so adorable I wanted to take him home with me,” Rothman-Browning said. “He was so patient and so kind, I can’t even begin to tell you how sweet he was.”

Murry helped Rothman-Browning retrace her steps where they found the wallet unharmed at the Save Mart grocery story.

“He came with me to the store and he was so patient and so kind, he just went above and beyond the call of duty,” Rothman-Browning said. “I just grabbed the police officer and was kissing him all over — he turned 50 shades of red — but it was his idea to go check at the grocery store so I couldn’t stop hugging and kissing him.”

So the following Monday, she went back to the Sheriff’s Office and wrote out a check for $2,500.

“There was no rhyme or reason to it, I just thought I would do something nice,” Rothman-Browning said. “I feel like people just call and complain all the time (to the deputies) and wouldn’t it be nice if someone did something nice for them for once?

“I have a roof over my head, food on my table, my grandchildren are taken care of and you can’t take (money) with you, so it was no biggie to give them the money. I enjoyed the deputies and they are all too cute and should be recognized.”

Rothman-Browning said she wanted $500 of the check to go to the K9 unit to “spoil the doggies” and the other $2,000 to go toward some celebrations for the officers.

“I felt like the doggies needed an extra bag of bones … it’s a shame because (the deputies) deserve it and everyone there is always so damn nice, I just didn’t know how else to say ‘thank you,’” Rothman-Browning said.

“I just wanted them to know they were appreciated and not yell and scream and ream them a new one like everyone does.”

For the department, it’s nice to know the citizens appreciate what they do.

“We cherish every donation, but beyond that, Ms. Rothman-Browning brought so much happiness and laughter to us when she came to deliver that check,” said Sheriff Ken Furlong. “To have her step in with her joyfulness was so refreshing. The deputies were so happy and that interaction with the community is priceless.”

And especially for Deputy Murry, Rothman-Browning’s act of kindness is one that will stay with him for a long time.

“Sometimes with the stresses we deal with in the course of our duties we lose sight of how much people really do appreciate us,” Murry said. “To hear that she donated $2,500 to the Sheriff’s Office because she is so happy that I helped her is very humbling. I am very grateful. This is one of those moments I will remember for the rest of my career.”