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IAP seats two winners in 2006 races

Appeal Capitol Bureau

The independent American Party, which often runs candidates more to get their views into the debate than in any hope of winning, claimed two victories Tuesday.

Jackie Berg was elected Eureka Clerk-Treasurer and Cel Ochoa won the race for Searchlight constable.

IAP Executive Director Janine Hansen said the victories are “truly a first for us.” In previous elections, IAP came close in a constable’s race in Clark County, but the only party victory was in 2004 when Bill Wilkerson won a seat on the Elko School Board, a nonpartisan position.

Hansen also applauded the fact IAP candidates statewide won enough votes to ensure the party will again qualify for the ballot in 2008. That requires a party capture more than 1 percent of the vote in a statewide race.

She repeated the party’s philosophy in running for all possible offices even when chances of a victory are practically nonexistent: “We won when we were willing to file for office, making a statement about the corruption of both parties, and by our willingness to give the voters a choice of good over the lesser of two evils.”

As perennial IAP candidate Ike Yochum, who won just over 20 percent in this year’s race for the Capital Senatorial District, explained to reporters, his primary purpose in running is to get his and the party’s arguments and point of view on different issues out before the voting public.