Ice rink bringing people downtown |

Ice rink bringing people downtown

Kirk Caraway
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer

As skaters circle the patch of ice placed in the center of Carson City amid cold temperatures and snow flurries, brisk is an apt description for how the new Arlington Square Ice Rink has fared in its first week of operation.

“It’s been brisk,” said Tammy Westergard, deputy manager of the Carson City Office of Business Development. “People are so excited about having something fun to do here in the winter.”

Westergard said that more than 1,500 people had come to the rink to skate during its first week of operation, and many more came by to check it out and visit the heated pavilion.

“We have been very, very busy on weekends, and consistent on weekday nights,” she said.

Clear skies and cold weather helped those numbers the first week. Even though a planned “Disco Night” event on Friday was blown out by high winds, many skaters braved the cold and snow on Saturday to take advantage of Carson’s newest attraction.

“We were pretty hopeful that the community would embrace it,” Westergard said. She cited the 40 businesses and 12 community organizations who have signed on as “Cheap Skate” partners, helping spread the word and supporting the rink’s operations.

Some of those businesses are having some fun with the ice rink. The Firkin & Fox Pub has a sign at the rink that reads “Firkin Freezing?” D’Vine Wine is offering special Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding martinis.

“The Tonya Harding one is really dirty,” Westergard added.

Westergard also noted that they have several parties booked for the rink and pavilion, and are hoping to for many more.

“The pavilion is great for the people who don’t want to skate to come down and enjoy the rink,” she said.