Identity-theft scam artists may pose as court officials |

Identity-theft scam artists may pose as court officials

Appeal Capitol Bureau

Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto is warning Nevadans to beware of a new identity-theft scam.

She said callers in several states are posing as court employees, claiming they are calling about a person’s failure to report for jury duty. When told no notice to report had arrived, the callers ask for some information to clear up the issue, such as a date of birth and Social Security number. She said some have even told victims they could clear the issue up immediately by paying a fine using their credit card.

Masto said people should never give out that kind of information to an unknown caller.

“Hang up on these types of calls,” she said. “Never give out personal information when you receive an unsolicited telephone call.”

She said the scam has been reported in at least 11 states.

“If you believe you may have, in fact, received a summons for jury duty, you can telephone your local district court yourself to find out.”

For more information about identity theft, call the attorney general’s Bureau of Consumer Protection at 684-1180 in Carson City or visit the office’s Web site at