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‘I’m hopeful for everyone’

Wheeler Cowperthwaite
Photos by Jim Grant / Nevada Appeal"No, not until the freeway's finished."

Carson City residents were optimistic about 2013 when asked Monday. While they soured about the economy, most expected the San Francisco 49ers to capture the Super Bowl.

Feelings about the proposed narrowing of Carson Street were mixed as the city moves into a new year.

Tami Jennings said she thinks narrowing will help revitalize downtown.

“It’s a good idea,” she said, adding that it will be best coupled with a finished freeway bypass.

Lenae Dericco partially agreed. “No, not until the freeway’s finished,” she said to the idea of the corridor narrowing.

Keith Croskery said it will be good for local business.

On the other side of the fence stood Sue Linn.

“It’s a real bad idea,” she said. For Linn, it presents the opportunity for her commute to be further stilted. “That’s my way to work. I just want to get there.”

Linn’s college-age daughters, Carrie and Elisabeth, agreed with their mother and each other.

“I think that’s a terrible idea,” Carrie said. “It’s already busy enough.”

Wishful Thinking

When it came to new businesses or restaurants, the old Gottschalks shopping center came to the forefront. Pat Crandall said she wants the retailer to return, while Croskery said he wants any retailer to anchor the space.

Carrie and Elisabeth agreed they wanted to satiate their collective sweet tooth with a Coldstone Creamery, a chain ice cream parlor and their friend Jill Stroup, going to college in Washington, agreed.

“Every time I come home, I love the food,” Stroup said.

Dericco said she wanted a Red Lobster, a chain seafood restaurant, in Carson City while Sue Linn said she was moved by Red Robin, a chain hamburger restaurant.

“I love the menu,” Sue Linn said.

2013 Economic Outlook

When asked if she foresaw Nevada’s economy improving, Pat Crandall answered with a resounding “No. That was easy.”

Cathy Ryan agreed with Crandall in her heart of hearts, although she still holds hope that the economy will improve.

“I’m wishful, but I don’t really see it,” she said.

Tami Jennings, too, said she has no hope for the economy. Does she foresee improvement?

“No,” she answered.

Lenae Dericco, too, was gloomy on the state’s economy but said she believes in thinking happy thoughts.

“Yes, because I just think positive,” she said about Nevada’s 2013 outlook.

Sue Linn said Nevada can’t sink anymore.

Her daughter Carrie said she would like to say yes, but, she doesn’t know. “It’s wishful thinking,” she said.

Carrie’s sister thought much the same. “I’m hopeful for everyone,” she said.

Croskery was the most up-beat of all. The economy is upticking “slowly.” he said. “It’s going in the right direction.”

ROOT, ROOT, root for THE Niners

Sentiments for former University of Nevada, and current San Francisco 49ers, quarterback Colin Kaepernick ran deep and strong.

Croskery said “Of course,” the San Francisco 49ers will win the Super Bowl, “now that Kaepernick is the QB.”

Carrie and Elisabeth both have strong feelings for a 49ers win.

“Yes,” Carrie said they will win. “No questions asked.”

Her sister, Elisabeth, (both attend the University of Nevada), wanted Kaepernick to know he is in her heart.

“You should give Kaepernick a shout out for me,” Elisabeth said.

Their friend, the visiting Stroup, said she is a Seahawks fan.

“No,” she said. “Go Seahawks!”

Elisabeth scowled at her friend.

“We’re not friends,” she said in a lovingly hateful tone.

Jennings had a picture of Kaepernick with a speech bubble wishing her a happy birthday as the background for her computer. A 49ers win would be “awesome for the local interest,” she said.

No such thing as luck

Despite the unlucky number at its end, almost everyone agreed, there is nothing unlucky about the highly avoided number 13.

“I don’t think” 2013 will be unlucky, Stroup said. “I don’t believe in superstition.”

Jennings said she was a fan of the number 13, although she did not elaborate on walking under ladders or breaking mirrors.

“I don’t view it as unlucky,” she said, adding that her goal for the new year is to read more. Anything in particular? No, she answered, just trying to step away from the computer.

Ryan looked at the idea of luck through a more scientific lens.

“They said it was going to be the end of the world in 2012,” she said.

If you’re reading this, then Ryan was right, and 2013 might not be so bad after all.