In the aftermath: Another Christmas in the books |

In the aftermath: Another Christmas in the books

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer

Ashlynn Durbin,10 months, plays with her 4-year-old brother Justin Schmidt's, right, foam darts at their home Christmas morning. Chad Lundquist/ Nevada Appeal

Walking into Kim Durbin’s home Sunday morning, it looked as if Santa’s sleigh had exploded. Wrapping paper littered the floor, foam darts flew about, and boxes were scattered around the unassembled basketball hoop in the living room.

“We went to see both sets of grandparents this morning, and we just got home,” said Durbin as her sons rotated through the new additions to their toy chest.

In the haul this year were board games Twister and Connect Four, a Playstation 2 game system and games, dart guns – and the current center of attention for Jesse, 6, and Justin, 4, remote-control Hummers.

It started as a race in the street between Justin’s yellow Hummer and Jesse’s black one, but soon turned into a demolition derby right there in North Carson City.

“My favorite present is my (PS2) game system and the games,” said Jesse.

While the boys rotated between racing their cars and playing with their dart guns, sister Ashlynn, 10 months, was enjoying the darts from the guns more than her own new toys.

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The kids said they had left chocolate chip cookies and carrot sticks for Santa and the reindeer, and Jesse said he thought he had heard Santa in the house.

“I think he came in through the window because I heard it opening,” said Jesse.

As for the remainder of their day, the pair had already decided how to spend it.

“Pretty much for the whole rest of the day we are going to play Ratchet and Clank (A Playstation 2 game),” said Jesse.

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While the Schmidt boys were crashing trucks and playing video games, Alec Pierson was riding his new bike and watching his little sister learn how to ride hers.

“I didn’t have a bad present, I liked all the stuff I got,” said Alec.

While Alec tested out his shocks, 4-year-old Chloe took it slower and rode with a little help from mom.

Chloe’s Barbie bike, complete with streamers and a Disney princesses helmet, was among her favorite presents, she said.

The children said they still thought Santa came down the chimney, despite the fact that he was carrying two new bikes. They said they left the man in red oatmeal cookies for a snack.

“I didn’t hear him at all last night, but he came,” said Alec.

Alec said he planned to spend the rest of the day riding bikes and playing with his new football, also a present from Santa.

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