Infant dies after being taken off life support |

Infant dies after being taken off life support

Nevada Appeal News Service

The infant girl discovered in a bath tub on Dec. 7 died Tuesday after being removed from life support, reports the Fallon Police Department.

The FPD is still investigating the incident and will focus on the child and the parental activities while the child was in the bath tub.

Detective Jerry Edwards said earlier this week the police department’s main concern 12 days ago was saving the child’s life.

Because the case is ongoing, Edwards said he could not release the location of the incident, the name of the child or the age.

Edwards said police officers were called to an apartment complex regarding an unresponsive child who has been in a bath tub.

The FPD has not determined if a crime occurred, but it is treating the location as a crime scene. Following additional interviews and review of medical records, a case will be submitted to the district attorney’s office for review.