Injured shelter pooch needs a home |

Injured shelter pooch needs a home

Sandi Hoover

The Fourth of July fireworks display, while a treat for people, is not so special for dogs.

“That’s our busiest time,” said Animal Services Director Pat Wiggins. “As soon as the fireworks start, we’re busy for the next 24 hours trying to get scared dogs back to their owners and owners reunited with their dogs.”

One dog, whose owner has not yet tried to find him, was likely hit by a car during Sunday’s fireworks show. He has since had surgery to repair a fractured pelvis and toes.

The dog got out of surgery Thursday and needs a more suitable place than the shelter to stay during his recovery, expected to take about two months.

The “poxer,” a boxer/pug mix, weighs about 30 pounds, but needs a home where he can be kept relatively still while he heals, Wiggins said.

“He’s a sweetheart, but it’s just too busy here. A home would be ideal,” he said.

The ideal foster person would need to have time for icing the leg once a day, massaging it a couple of times a day and administering the dog’s pain medication

Wiggins said there are about 10 dogs and 30 cats in foster care right now.

Animal Services also can use help with its New Hope fund, which exists from donations and fundraising to help with medical care for the shelter’s animals.

Sierra Veterinary Hospital offers a 50 percent discount to the shelter, but of the $2,600 surgery, that still leaves about $1,300 that will otherwise need to be taken from the Animal Services budget, Wiggins said.

Anyone interested in fostering an animal will first need to fill out an application and be approved.