Interview tips: Accentuate the positive |

Interview tips: Accentuate the positive

Even in good economies, job interviews can be stressful experiences, but experts say those looking for work should keep a positive attitude and treat the process as a skill.

“In order to get that mindset, one of the things that we talk about doing is volunteering, being active, being out in the community, doing something constructive so they aren’t waiting at home for somebody to call,” said Dick Kale, the job developer for Job Opportunities in Nevada, Inc.

JOIN will offer workshops this week for people seeking work. The workshops, which will cover how to perform in job interviews, will be from 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. today, Wednesday and Thursday at the Nevada State Welfare Office, 2533 N. Carson St.

To reserve a spot, call 775-283-0125 extension 10.

Kale said a job interview should be treated as a skill, “as opposed to, ‘Gosh, I hope I make it through that interview.'”

A positive attitude is the chief quality many employers look for in an employee. Employment ads frequently ask for workers with a positive attitude.

That sentiment echoes a 73-year-old observation of Napoleon Hill, a pioneer of self-improvement literature and author of the 1937 bestseller “Think and Grow Rich.” Hill noticed that a positive attitude attracts success and that the negative person misses opportunities. A negative worker, he believed, has a negative impact on a business.

Plan to show your positive attitude to a prospective employer in every contact, including a personal visit, phone call and interview.

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