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Interview tips

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

Don’t Forget to Listen

Most candidates are so nervous about answering interview questions correctly they forget to listen. Listening is one of the most underused interview skills. Follow these tips:

– Listen through eye contact – stay with the person.

– Listen with nonverbal expressions – nod and appear interested.

– Listen until the speaker is finished – do not interrupt.

Ask the Power Questions

Great questions to ask early in a job interview: “What are you most hoping to find in the person you hire?” and “What would be my first priorities on the job?” The earlier you can ask these questions, the sooner you can start tailoring your answers to the employer’s priorities. At the end of the interview, ask, “Based on what we’ve talked about today, I feel good about the position. Do you have any concerns about my ability to do the job?” Often, that gives you a chance to counter any objections.

Sell Yourself

Interviewing is about selling.

– The product you are selling is you. Give them reasons to buy.

– Tell them what you can do for them. Emphasize what you can bring to the company, department and position.

– Convince them that your product is better than the competition’s.

Look Better, Feel Better

If you want to spruce up your appearance for the interview, but can’t afford new clothes, consider altering an outfit you already have by pairing it with a different shirt, tie, blouse or accessory. Even on a tight budget, you can find some real bargains out there. Think about what you need before you go out shopping. Outlet stores and resale shops offer some great treasures. For better or worse, looks can make a difference.

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