Is PETA the boy who cried wolf? |

Is PETA the boy who cried wolf?

From the Lahontan Valley News

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has been admirable in promoting many causes against animal cruelty, such as seal kills, inhumane methods of slaughtering chickens, fur farms and poor treatment of circus animals.

Sometimes, though, they go overboard with their demands.

Last week, hundreds of PETA supporters contacted Lyon County School District Superintendent Caroline McIntosh, pleading with her to cancel the annual donkey basketball fundraiser.

In this variation of basketball, players ride atop donkeys. According to PETA, the donkeys can be kicked, dragged or hit by a stray ball.

In a press release, PETA stated, “The noise and chaos of the games are extremely stressful for the donkeys, and even though experts agree that the animals are only able to bear a little more than 100 pounds, the donkeys are typically forced to carry full-grown adults in donkey basketball games.”

PETA hasn’t been quiet with other events, either. The organization doesn’t think it’s fair to keep groundhog Punxsutawney Phil in captivity and subject him to thousands of people who come to see him predict the end of winter. PETA wants the organizers to use an animatronic model.

Not long ago, Uga, the mascot for the University of Georgia, died. PETA doesn’t want the university to replace its mascot with another bulldog. It asked the school to replace the animal with either an animatronic dog or a costumed mascot.

PETA also recommended that fish be renamed sea kittens, and don’t forget the tiff caused when President Obama swatted a fly during an interview. PETA wanted the president to humanely catch the fly and release it unharmed.

As we said, PETA has promoted some worthy causes against cruelty. But when the organization attacks groups or individuals with either weak or farfetched evidence, then we wonder if they are more interested in the animals – or in sound bites.