It was a good sandwich, by the way |

It was a good sandwich, by the way

Sam Bauman, Appeal Staff Writer
10 in 10 athletes, from left, K.M. Cannon, Karl Horeis, Rick Gunn and Jeremy Evans on the steps of the Capital in Carson City on Wednesday.

I’m sorry about the mixup Monday when I was supposed to meet the four Nevada Appeal adventurers at Middle Velma Lake in the Desolation Wilderness.

Especially when I hiked 12 miles carrying a six pack, sandwiches, grapes and carrot sticks, not to mention camera, extra film and a book.

I know we were supposed to meet at Middle Velma about 11 a.m., so I started up Bayview Trail for the Velmas about 6:45 a.m. Nice day, a little cool, the pack a bit heavy, but it was only five miles, according to my map to the Velmas.

Only I made a little mistake. When I got to Lower Velma I was way early, so I decided to hike on to Dick’s Lake, about a mile ahead. When I got back I got turned around and made the mistake of waiting for the group at Lower Velma.

About noon I got worried and took out the map and discovered I was at the wrong lake. By that time I figured the guys had soldiered on, probably thirsty for your lack of beer.

Well, there I was with that six-pack and five sandwiches (I’d made one for myself). It was very pretty there at the Lower Velma, lots of snow patches facing the lake.

So I thought, why not have a beer and one of the sandwiches. Better than lugging them back down the hill. So I took a turkey and cheese. Tasty. Then some grapes. And somehow I finished a beer before I finished the sandwich, which was very dry.

So rather than lug five cans of beer back five miles, I figured I’d sip another one. Slowly. Not a good idea to drink on the trail. I’d put the beers in the lake so they were very cold. And delicious. I took some pictures to show the guys later.

A pretty woman in a yellow parka stopped by and I offered her a beer and sandwich. She praised them. She was charming. And married.

About 1:30 I figured I might as well head back. The pack was still kind of heavy so I poured out two of the water bottles. I certainly wasn’t going to drain the beers!

Back at the trailhead I doffed the backpack. The beers were still cold. But I don’t drink and drive. Back at home in Carson City I figured it was safe to have one more beer, so I did.

And I want to tell you the sandwiches were good and the beers just dandy. Sorry the four adventurers didn’t have a chance to enjoy them. Maybe next time they’ll include a senior on their treks.