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Jacks Valley bear caught, tagged and released

Staff Reports
A bear runs from a Karelian bear dog in Jacks Valley on Thursday morning.
John T. Humphrey |

A black bear captured Wednesday morning in Jacks Valley has been safely released back in to the wild near the area where it was trapped, according to the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

“The bear was seen as a potential trouble bear because of its interest in the livestock in the area,” spokesman Chris Healy said Thursday.

The 350-pound male bear was trapped, tranquilized, fitted with ear tags, a satellite collar, a micro-chip and a tattoo.

“After sleeping off the tranquilizer induced hangover, it was safely released back in to the wild Thursday morning,” Healy said.

At the release, in a rural area of Douglas County in Jacks Valley, the bear was shot in the rear with a rubber slug and chased and treed by Karelian bear dogs in a process called aversive conditioning by Nevada Department of Wildlife biologists.

“We got to this bear early during its conflict behavior and we have a chance of keeping him alive and wild with aversive conditioning,” says wildlife biologist Carl Lackey. “Without early intervention in the bear’s conflict behavior, this bear could have become a dangerous bear, perhaps killing livestock or breaking in to dwellings.”

It is expected to be a busy year for NDOW biologists and game wardens as bears expand their search for food over a drought-stricken landscape.