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Jamaican lottery scam making the rounds

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is warning residents of a Jamaican lottery phone scam targeting seniors.

The scam usually begins with a phone call from a Jamaican area code, typically from an “876” number, said Capt. Ken Sandage.

Sandage said the caller usually has a Jamaican accent and informs the victim they have won a cash prize or vehicle. The victim will then be told they need to pay taxes to claim the winnings.

Sandage said the victims will be directed to send the tax money via Western Union or MoneyGram. He said the scammers also ask the victim to keep the information confidential so as to avoid media attention.

He said one of the ploys used to gain a victim’s confidence is that the caller will know the victim’s name, address or other personal information.

As a precaution, seniors who do not have family or friends outside the country should contact their phone service provider and ask that calls coming from out of the U.S. be blocked.

Furthermore, the Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to always verify the source of phone calls when asked for money or personal bank information. In addition, never give personal information such as social security numbers or date of birth over the phone to anyone you don’t know.

Contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at 775-887-2020 ext. 41400 with any questions or concerns about this scam or others.