Java Girls goes with more ‘conservative’ approach |

Java Girls goes with more ‘conservative’ approach

Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal

Regardless of how bad the economy may get, Java Girls owner Steve McDaniel says his business model relies on two consistently popular demands: sex and coffee.

“I think we could have a nuclear war, people are still going to wake up and have their coffee and have sex,” McDaniel said. “It will continue to sell until the end of time. I think it’s a combination that just works.”

But the effects of the recession on McDaniel’s string of 14 espresso shops around the country that feature scantily-clad baristas is manifesting at his Carson City location, which is locally owned by Stephanie Streenan and Don Emborsky.

Now, instead of lingerie and bikinis, the women who work at the Java Girls coffee stand, 3667 South Carson St., will don tube tops and hot pants – a more “conservative” approach in the hopes of attracting more business, Streenan said.

“We’re trying to get more customers,” she said. “We think if we try to dress more conservative, it would be more common ground to everybody.”

The coffee stand also sits in the parking lot of the Eagle Station strip mall, which has been plagued by vacant store fronts, Streenan said. She adds the bikinis aren’t gone for good and there will be “special” days when the baristas wear skimpier outfits.

While the Carson City location is the first one to cover more skin, McDaniel said it’s not a trend for his Kent, Wash., based company. Instead, it’s a local business decision.

“Obviously our primary demographic is the male and we want to appeal to their sexual imagination to help us drive sales to give them a reason to come to our coffee shop instead of the Starbucks,” he said. “With that being said we want to do this thing classy.”

Michael Stastny, 63, was in line waiting for a latte at the Carson City Java Girls on Monday when he learned about the new uniforms.

“I’d prefer to have the old ones back,” Stastny said, adding he’ll still come back to the coffee stand. “It’s OK with me, whatever they want to do.”