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Jim Bagwell: Listen to the people, Sen. Reid, and quit spending

Jim Bagwell
For the Nevada Appeal

A few weeks ago I surmised that I was apprehensive about the lame duck session of Congress. It would appear that I was right. The income tax legislation to continue the present tax structure and rates has been negotiated and passed, much to the Democrats’ chagrin. The spending extension bill worth some $1.1 trillion in new spending probably won’t pass, but the Senate will keep trying. I could have sworn that the public in November sent a clear message to Washington, D.C., that it was time to get our financial house in order. Could they forget in one month?

Can we survive as a nation if we continue to spend significantly more than we take in? The very reason we cannot get out of this economic morass is our inability to control our spending. This extension bill was nothing less than a new stimulus package to stall the inevitable. The road to recovery was always going to be bumpy, but we are making it much worse and prolonging it. We will owe more than $14 trillion by year’s end, $5 trillion coming since President Obama took office.

I also opined that Congress wasn’t addressing the budget because they knew that the public would react adversely if they did what they wanted to do before the November elections. Well, guess what? They tried to do it in the lame duck session. Who would have thought such an august group would mislead their constituency?

I would love to hear Sen. Reid explain why he can author and guide these massive spending bills and then talk to us with a straight face. Honestly, are we collectively as stupid as he must think we are? Personally, I think if he does not set the Senate on a course that balances the budget within the next year I will begin to call for his resignation. He is intoxicated with his political power and loves spending the people’s money that right now does not exist.

Maybe he should look over his shoulder at his own state and listen to the people. The majority of the electorate know that if we do not get a handle on spending, we are doomed. I recommend that he read the Federalist Papers and learn why we are a country of limited government.

My biggest concern is we do not hold anyone responsible. Obviously you can be part and parcel to this level of mismanagement and not be held accountable; we re-elected Sen. Reid. Tell me Harry, how does it feel to be on the verge of bankrupting our country?

• Jim Bagwell of Carson City is a Vietnam veteran and graduate of the FBI National Academy who worked 31 years in law enforcement. He and his wife Lori own Charley’s Grilled Subs.