Join the Neighborhood Council to help teens |

Join the Neighborhood Council to help teens

Nevada Appeal Staff Reports

The Ron Wood Family Resource Center located in Carson City needs your help. Are you a parent raising a teenager and can provide some enlightenment on what you think would help the center provide better services throughout our community? Or do you just have a great idea on a innovative counseling service not already implemented? According to the Nevada Kids count book of 2003, 424.9 juvenile arrests were made per 100,000 youth ages 10-17 due to juvenile violence. Unfortunately, by the provided statistics Carson City also has high teenage pregnancies, substance use and other juvenile related problems. However, the future can look brighter with all the new services that are provided at the Ron Wood Family Resource Center. The center is trying to address the issues face-to-face with youth programs, parenting classes and hands-on case management. If you’re a parent feeling the pressures of raising a teenager then come join the Neighborhood Council to design, develop and maintain a community-based program that will help teens. They need input from the community. Also, starting on Nov. 17, Chris Bayer from CASA says there will be an informative Sexual Abuse Treatment Program held. Three different groups will be offered; one for children, one for teens and one for nonoffending parents. This will also be offered through the RWFRC.

I received a call from Rob Love at Nevada State Prison and found out some wonderful programs that are being done to help prisoners give back to the community. After talking with James Baca, associate Warden of Programs for the Nevada State Prison, I have learned that the prisons have established programs that benefit our community. Thanks to the annual Prisoners Art Show, they gave Empire Elementary a check for $1,300.00 and another check to the Nevada Hispanic Services for $500.00.

I asked why Mr. Baca thought this was important and was delighted with the response, ” We want to instill in the inmates that what you have taken from victims, you can start the process of healing by demonstrating change, and giving back to our communities by their involvement and support of these programs.”

The other program is the rock art that the V VA Chapter 545-inmate organization does. The chapter does some amazing special order rockwork on the same stones used to complete the Capitol and other State buildings. The money raised from this program is used to enhance the facility. This way saving us as taxpayers, I love the idea and have seen the artwork and the rock art is truly worth checking out. If you are looking for a unique way to display your address put it on a rock in front of the house.

The Carson chapter of SBC Telecom Pioneers will be having their annual Christmas Party coming in December. I bet you are wondering what they do. One of the biggest functions that is kept quiet is the on-site food pantries for students who live in motels and hotels who do not have the means to get food.

As representative Lee Radtke states, “An on-site food pantry makes sense, some children in situations such as a motel or campground have no available transportation to get a free meal at a shelter. This way they can get what they need when they need it.” If you want to support a program that makes a huge difference for children in a quiet way, you can call SBC Telecom Pioneers or Carson Kiwanis.


WHO: Ron Wood Family Resource Center

WHEN: November 17

TIME: 5:30 p.m.

WHERE: 625 Fairview Drive #13

WHAT: Neighborhood Council Meeting

CONTACT: Jill Manit, Executive Director

TELEPHONE: 884-2269

WHO: Nevada State Prisoner Community Programs

WHEN: All Year Long

WHERE: Nevada State Prison

WHAT: Art work done by prisoners at the Nevada State Prison, All types watercolors, sculptures and the Rock Art program which will vary in price depending on the design and size wanted. A friend had a unique wolf and tree in the background with her address listed and it was very reasonable.


TELEPHONE: 887-3463

PROCEEDS BENEFIT: The profits go to paying the inmates and the inmates turn around and give money to community efforts or for projects to enhance our facility

WHO: CARSON SBC TelecomPioneers

WHEN: All school year

WHERE: Carson High School

WHAT: On-site food pantries to provide needed food to children without embarrassment and provide immediate assistance

COST: Donated cup of noodles, instant soups, applesauce, puddings, etc. Meals that can be made easily in motel/hotel situations.

CONTACT: Lee Radtke

TELEPHONE: 885-8166

If you want your information in print please contact me