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Judge approves final settlement for Mountain Park Homeowners

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A judge has approved a $14.5 million settlement to allow Mountain Park subdivision homeowners to fix construction problems that have caused flooding, according to a news release issued Monday issued by Preferred Public Relations, based in Las Vegas.

The 369 homes owned by members of the class-action suit were built between 1992 and 1998. The lawsuit was filed in January 2000 after several homeowners found excess water in crawl spaces underneath their homes.

The total number of homes in the subdivision is 500. Homeowners who did not join the suit will not benefit from the installation of a storm drain or any other repairs.

The construction-defect claim was filed against Stanton Park Development Co., the Millard Realty and Construction Co. and Garretson-Furgerson Construction Co.

Homeowners alleged the developers and Carson City, which approved the subdivision, were aware of the unsuitable conditions at the site prior to building the homes.

Part of the settlement includes an arrangement with the city to allow homeowners to install storm drains in the streets and build yard drains and crawl space drains to be connected to the storm drain system. The city will support the project and waive all permit and inspection fees then assume maintenance and responsibilities for the drain system.

Homeowners have awarded construction of the drain system to Brussel Consulting and Construction Management of Las Vegas. Construction is expected to begin in the spring and take a year to complete, according to the news release.