Keep a senior warm with a scarf |

Keep a senior warm with a scarf

Donated scarves can be store-bought or handmade, and donated to Intimate Designs Floral LLC at 444 East William Street.
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Lori Morris owns a flower shop on East William Street, but she’s not your average florist.

She arranges and donates flowers to senior homes, hospitals and Carson City residents on a weekly basis. She often gets tips on her Facebook page from visitors on who to donate flowers to, specifically if they’re going through a rough time, she said.

“I just like to take care of the community,” she said. “It’s a beautiful thing. It’s the best part of my whole shop.”

At Intimate Designs Floral LLC, Morris continues to serve the community through various acts of kindness and during the holidays. Last Valentine’s Day, she visited every room in Carson Nursing and Rehabilitation to donate painted vases for women, and packaged cookies for men.

Now Christmas is around the corner, she wants to ensure seniors in need are keeping themselves warm, with efforts from the community.

Her goal is to gather 243 scarves.

“We have 120 so far,” she said. “We’re putting a scarf on every senior in three group houses in the area.”

Morris said one local citizen donated 50 scarves and some chose to knit their own. Some scarves were left hanging on the shop’s doorknob, waiting for Morris.

Once she hits her projected goal, Morris will donate the scarves Dec. 18.

“We have such a variety already,” she said. “It’s going to be great to see the joy on their faces.”

Morris opened her shop in February 2015 and also is active in the community by supporting the local arts culture.

She’s been in the floral industry for almost 30 years but it wasn’t the experience that inspired her to open business.

“When I worked at other flower shops, they didn’t do much of giving back to the community,” she said. “For me, the money not only means to stay open, but to provide service by doing good for someone every day. That’s why I wanted my own shop.”

Scarves can be donated at Intimate Designs Floral, 444 East William Street, Suite 14. Donations are taken until Dec. 15.