Kids bring imagination to make scarecrows |

Kids bring imagination to make scarecrows

Rhonda Costa
Appeal Staff Writer
BRAD HORN/Nevada Appeal

Eight-year-old Anthony Zippieri grunted as he stuffed a wad of crumpled newspaper into the red flannel shirt of his scarecrow.

“I’m making him a big muscle scarecrow,” Anthony said. “And he’s got a big head. I’m going to call him ‘Destruct’ because he destroys things. We’re making him for my mom, Leslie.”

The Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada held a Scarecrow Festival on Saturday offering youth the opportunity to make their own scarecrows, just in time for Halloween.

“They all turn out differently,” said Penny Holbrook, a member of the museum’s board of directors and volunteer.

Zippieri’s father, Anthony, said they visit the museum quite often. The younger Anthony said he most likes the train and virtual maze inside the museum

“I always get through the first level, and sometimes the second,” he said.

Sisters Athena Favero, 10, and Isabella, 12, were busy making a boy scarecrow. Isabella asked Athena if they wanted to put hair on him.

“I don’t know that he needs hair,” Athena said, after adding patches to each of the pant legs.

Their younger sister, Juliet, 8, was busy preparing to add a hat to her scarecrow, which she was making with their brother, JJ, 4.

“My scarecrow is a boy, too,” she said, as she scurried back to the table with the hat.

“A plan was to have every business on Carson Street with a scarecrow,” Holbrook said. “But, that didn’t happen.

“But we wanted to have this festival for the kids because it’s so much fun. They’re really having a good time putting them together.”

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