Kids get creative during Asian New Year celebration |

Kids get creative during Asian New Year celebration

Sandi Hoover
By Sandi HooverBella Leverenz, 5, right, selects a bottle of glitter glue to decorate her dragon, as her friend, Shannon Sturgis, 6, looks on at the Children's Museum of Northern Nevada.

An Asian New Year celebration at the Children’s Museum of Northern Nevada brought in dozens of parents and children Saturday for a day of crafts, music, dancing and games.

Volunteer Marian Furnari, who was helping youngsters make dragons at a craft table, said she is always amazed at how creative kids can be.

“It is always so much fun for me to see how kids use their imaginations,” said Furnari. “I might ask one if they want to put a tail on their dragon and they’ll say, ‘No.’ Or I’ll ask if they want to add fire and they’ll say ‘No,’ but they’ll add ribbons, veils or an umbrella (made from a cupcake paper.)”

Volunteer Penny Holbrook said this is the eighth year of the celebration, and she enjoys being in charge of it.

“We always seem to have a good turnout, and we always have a lot of fun learning a different culture. We have a lot of Chinese children here today,” Holbrook said.

Cathi Adams was attending the celebration with her adopted 8-year-old daughter Meika. She adopted Meika when the child was only 11⁄2 years old, and also has an adopted 11-year-old daughter from China, Ginny-Mei.

“We try to get into the culture as much as we can, like she’s in a Chinese group to learn dance,” Adams said. “It’s nice to connect with the culture and with other families who have adopted Chinese children. They’re very special girls.”

For Kelley Welykholowa of South Lake Tahoe, the experience at the Asian New Year brings an opportunity to expand her 2-year-old daughter’s awareness.

Katie Rude, 2, was adopted from Lang-Son, Vietnam.

“It’s really important to us that we keep her culture active because it’s a part of who she is,” Welykholowa said.

Also showing her artwork at the celebration Saturday was Reno artist Caroline Young, who specializes in watercolors on silk.