Kindergartners re-enact first Thanksgiving |

Kindergartners re-enact first Thanksgiving

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer
Fremont Elementary kindergartner Jessica Rose, 6, listens to instructions during a Thanksgiving day celebration at the elementary school Tuesday morning.

Reminiscent of the first Thanksgiving, kindergartners at Fremont Elementary School dressed as Indians and Pilgrims and sat down to feast Tuesday morning.

“They were friends,” said Madison Hart, age 5. “They helped each other.”

As part of Nevada’s standards of education, kindergarten teachers are required to make sure students understand the significance of major holidays.

“They get an appreciation for why we celebrate them, and they learn the history behind some of these events,” said teacher Dee Steele. “We just want to broaden their understanding.”

Half of Steele’s students dressed in paper Pilgrim costumes, and the other half wore buckskin vests made from grocery bags as Indians.

Jessica Rose, 6, was a Pilgrim — evident from the broad, white collar around her neck and the white bonnet atop her head.

“We like these,” she said. “We look beautiful.”

The Indians were equally proud of their outfits.

Cameron Blackwell, 6, decorated his with drawings of buffalo, eagles and a sun.

“I like the Indian costumes,” he said. “And you get to keep them.”

The students sat down to a modified feast of fruit salad, vegetables and corn muffins.

“The broccoli is my favorite,” said Jacob Bertocchi, 5. “It’s really good.”

But the mock meal just wet Garrett Nicholson’s appetite for the real thing.

“I like the turkey and the stuffing,” said Garrett, 6. “It tastes good.”

Still, they didn’t lose sight of the holiday’s true meaning.

“It’s a really thankful Thanksgiving,” said Shania Hicks, 6.