Know your ABC Window Washing |

Know your ABC Window Washing

Jenny Schnabel

Bright and clean

I can see.

Beautiful, clean windows

By A B C

A B C Window Washing

That’s the name

Doug can do it all

13 years in business.

You can give him a call.

He washes all your dirt away

And he would surely say

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

“Clean glass will brighten your day.”

Of course, he is a one man show.

Yes, self-employed, indeed

He cleans 1-story homes and storefronts

And where there’s work, there’s a need.

He doesn’t answer the phone,

While working

He arrives when he says, he would.

He cleans the exterior and interior

And screen windows

Just like he should.

He relaxes watching football

And cooking, he likes to do.

He is a recreational swimmer

And he claims Amber as his better half

Along with his dog, Zephyr, a Shiba Inu.

I know all this, is beside the point.

What can he do for you ?

What once was a chore for you and me.

It’s a pleasure for Doug to do.

So, the next time you’re into clean windows

Be sure to give Doug a call.

He will give you an estimate

And be done in no time at all.

Doug Bocskor can be reached at “ABC Window Washing” 775-443-7441 and at

Jenny Schnabel is a graduate of Arizona State University with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She also exhibits at the Brewery Arts Center. She welcomes poem ideas at Open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, Alberto’s Boot & Shoe Repair & Sales is at 1987 N. Carson St., Suite 25. Call it at 775-883-7750.