Kruzers draw more than 180 carsfor annual Fuji Park event |

Kruzers draw more than 180 carsfor annual Fuji Park event

Karson Kruzers drew more than 180 entries for their annual “Run What Cha Brung” classic car event this weekend.

The event based at Fuji Park has been held annually for 23 years and draws classic cars and street rods from not only western Nevada but neighboring California.

Not only that, but it draws all ages of car enthusiasts.

Tim Bowers, 65, of Gardnerville has put his vehicles on display every year for 23 years. This year, it’s the ’32 Ford Roadster pickup A-Model.

“They didn’t make many of these. “Just a few hundred,” he said stroking the door of the black, fenderless two-seater. One dramatic change from the original is the massive 468 cubic inch Chevy V-8.

He said it took three years to build but he wasn’t able to bring it the first two years after finishing the car because, with an injured back, he couldn’t get in and drive it.

Participants ranged from bowers and above all the way down to Domiinic and Gavin Gerniglia – ages 14 and 10, respectively – who granddad Nate says did most of the work on their 1969 VW bug named Herbie.

Why Herbie?

“That’s my and my brother’s favorite movie,” said Dominic.

He said when the brothers got the old bug, “it was really just a body on wheels.” Since then, they’ve worked on every project restoring and rebuilding the car from installing a new 1600 cc engine to restoring the interior.

Now all they have to do is wait until they’re old enough to drive it.

“I’m really proud of them because they’re doing all the work,” said Nate.

There were a wide variety of cars parked on Fuji’s grass Saturday, most of them from the 1950s and 1060s and all gleaming in the bright sun with plenty of chrome and showing off not only original paint jobs but spectacular metal-flake and neon colors not developed until decades after the cars bearing them.

There were also a few rare and exotic vehicles such as the gray 1966 Ford GT40, the full-out racer that finished 1-2 ahead of Ferrari in the 1966 Lemans.

Despite the extensive engine and suspension work owners devoted to their prized rides, it’s unlikely any of the other vehicles parked at Fuji would challenge that car’s 0-60 in 2.8 seconds acceleration and 260 mph top speed.

Gary Hunt, one of the event organizers since its inception, said they are proud that, despite the economy, they draw so many repeat visitors every year.

“They come here because they’ve been here so many years and they love Fuji Park,” he said.

Hunt said to many, the Carson City event is a friendly event compared to some others.

The Kruzers continued their party into Saturday evening including an evening parade and street dance in the Nugget Parking Lot.

It wraps up this morning with a morning poker run and noontime awards ceremony for the best cars in each of several classes.