Lawmaker proposes annual sessions |

Lawmaker proposes annual sessions

Associated Press

A Nevada lawmaker is proposing that the state Legislature convene annually instead of every two years.

Democratic Sen. Joyce Woodhouse of Henderson says the Legislature should add a 30-day budget session in even-numbered years to the current 120-day legislative sessions it holds in odd-numbered years.

Woodhouse acknowledges her proposal faces an uncertain reception in a state where annual sessions have been proposed in every regular session from 1973 until 2003.

The idea died after an ill-fated trial in 1960.

But lawmakers have been called back to Carson City seven times for special sessions since the 2003 Legislature, including three times since 2007.

Woodhouse says she has to give it a try.

The move would require passage in consecutive legislative sessions, followed by voter approval. The earliest it could be implemented would be 2014.