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Legislative calendar March 9

8 a.m. Assembly Government Affairs

Room: 3143

Bills to be heard: AB73: Revises provisions governing the appropriation of water for a beneficial use; AB114 Revises the amount of the fee for issuing and recording a certain permit for an existing water right for irrigational purposes; AB115: Revises provisions governing the appropriation of water for beneficial use.

8 a.m. Assembly Judiciary

Room: 3138

Bills to be heard: AB93: Provides for the establishment of intermediate sanction facilities within the Department of Corrections to provide treatment for alcohol or drug abuse to certain probation violators and offenders; AB196: Revises provisions governing the collection of fines, administrative assessments, fees and restitution owed by certain convicted persons.

8 a.m. Assembly Ways and Means

Room: 3137

Bills to be heard: AB12: Transfers the authority to use the Parolees’ Revolving Loan Account from the State Board of Parole Commissioners to the Chief Parole and Probation Officer; AB241: Creates stabilization accounts for public education funding.

8 a.m. Senate Finance

Room: 2134

Budgets of the Secretary of State, Public Utilities Commission and Legislative Branch.

8 a.m. Senate Government Affairs

Room: 2135

Bills to be heard: SB74: Changes the designation of certain state funds and accounts; SB81: Makes various changes relating to state financial administration.

8 a.m. Senate Judiciary

Room: 2149

Bills to be heard: SB185: Makes various changes relating to real property.

11 a.m. Assembly Floor Session

The Assembly Chamber

The Agenda will be posted 30 minutes prior to commencement.

11 a.m. Senate Floor Session

The Senate Chamber

The Agenda will be posted upon commencement.

1 p.m. Senate Commerce, Labor and Energy

Room: 2135

Bills to be heard: AB124: Requires a funeral director to report the names of certain deceased persons to the Office of Veterans’ Services; SB142: Makes various changes concerning the towing and storage of motor vehicles; SB213: Revises provisions governing the registration requirements for employee leasing companies; SB215: Makes various changes concerning chiropractors’ assistants.

1 p.m. Senate Select Committee on Economic Growth and Employment

Room: 2134

Bills to be heard: ACR4: Expresses support for economic development in Nevada in the sectors of logistics, supply chain management and renewable energy technology.

1:30 p.m. Assembly Commerce and Labor

Room: 4100

Bills to be heard: AB202: Establishes the Fund for Economic Development to provide assistance in paying for electricity costs incurred by certain new manufacturing businesses in this state; AB203: Revises provisions governing the unlawful use of a contractor’s license.

1:30 p.m. Assembly Health and Human Services

Room: 3138

Update on child nutrition program, school district participation in breakfast and lunch programs.

3:30 p.m. Senate/Assembly Education Joint Meeting

Room: 1214

Presentation on Read Across America and by the Clark and Washoe school districts and Nevada Association of School Superintendents.

On adjournment of joint meeting: Senate Education

Room: 1214

Bills to be heard: SB35: Revises provisions governing the automated system of accountability information for Nevada and the reporting of test scores by charter schools; SB39: Revises provisions governing educational personnel; SB95: Authorizes the establishment of a policy to allow tenured professors to pursue entrepreneurial business opportunities under certain circumstances; SB96: Revises provisions governing the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship Program; SB196: Revises provisions governing empowerment schools.

3:30 p.m. Senate Natural Resources

Room: 2144

Bills to be heard: SB102: Requires the Board of Wildlife Commissioners to adopt regulations for the taking of shed antlers.