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Letter to the editor

An open letter to Gov. Gibbons:

A recent panelist on the Larry King show stated that in times of economic weakness, the best solutions may be found by digging deep into one’s bag of assets or strengths, instead of relying on the standard remedies of increasing taxes, cutting programs and services, freezing wages, etc.

Next to mineral deposits, two of Nevada’s greatest natural resources are wind and sun; especially in high-desert regions such as Northern Nevada (think of the wind generated in Eagle, Carson and Washoe valleys alone). As a statewide solution, how about issuing municipal bonds to raise capital to invest in energy technology and equipment (wind turbine farms, solar technology, etc.) to be implemented ASAP, possibly on state-owned BLM or USFS lands.

This would significantly reduce energy costs in all sectors, with bondholders essentially investing in their own energy futures. Everyone wins on this. Utility bills decrease significantly for everyone; with bonds repaid through future cost savings and the sale of surplus energy to utility companies.

Energy technology is right on the verge of popping, and who better than Nevada to be the leading force in implementing these cutting-edge technologies; not only to improve the long-term energy prospects of its citizens, but just in time to resolve the biggest fiscal crisis to ever hit the state?

Think back to the 1940s when it was your patriotic duty to buy war bonds (before my time, but I’ve heard this was true!) There was no politicizing, no controversy. Everyone could, in good conscience, buy into this program for the good of their country. Same with energy bonds. A no-brainer, win-win program everyone can wrap their arms around.

The time is right, the future is now. So how about Nevada digging into its bag of treasures and leading the charge on this? And, further, how cool would it be to get ahead of China on this?

April Livesay

Carson City