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Letter to the editor

Time to rein in spending

The election is over and the promise of a prosperous economy allowing people to determine their own level of prosperity may never happen.

The peoples’ vote changed nothing. Liberal policies were given another vote of confidence. Much the same as all the votes cast between 1954-94, allowing Democrats to dominate Congress, all the while watching the economy crumble around them. Votes of confidence, but for what?

It could not be for a real gross domestic product that went from 10 percent productivity in 1960 to 5 percent in 1963, and a 10-year moving average of 2.5 percent productivity through 1993, all of which amounts to a 50 percent decline in productivity, unemployment, increased cost of living and eventually a society with massive social and economic problems.

It is unfortunate that the Democrats with all their Congressional power during the 1954-94 time frame chose to remain “status quo” on their economic reductions and alterations. With regards to solving our budget issues in advance of implementing an economic plan and putting people back to work, I say bad idea. Once you implement a sound plan involving energy independence, investment monies will turn the economy around. Solving society’s problems comes down to economics. Solving the government’s spending problems is a policy problem.

Out of control spending without an economy to rely on is shear lunacy. Practically every adult knows the consequences of spending what you don’t have. Yet half of them still vote for those policies, go figure.

Ron Wood