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Letter to the editor

Solutions sought to prevent another Sandy HookI am concerned about the tragedy that occurred in Sandy Hook Elementary School. I want to find a way to prevent if from happening again. I want to talk about it with others to find solutions.Here are solutions or laws that did not work: background checks, the mom was investigated, but not the son; registration of weapons, they were registered; the son stole the weapons, violating burglary and theft laws; the son killed his mother, committing murder; the son loaded the weapons into his mother’s car and drove to school, committing grand theft auto; the son brought weapons on campus; the son bypassed the security system, breaking and entering; the son ignored directions to leave, trespassing; the son shot and killed multiple people, assault, assault with a deadly weapon, battery and murder; he killed himself, commuting suicide.Let us consider solutions that may work: armed guards in schools; enhanced training for school staff; encouraging volunteers to receive fire arms training among school staff; finding volunteers with prior training to take classes and be deputized; set up a program where active or reserve military personnel are assigned as teacher aides with goals of achieving teacher degrees; funding mental health programs adequately; encouraging students and the community to report deviant behavior, like lack of empathy, torturing of animals, talking about “getting even” or unusual interest in weapons.I am trying to find people or events where ideas can be discussed. I want to help find solutions.Frank Z. PaluchCarson City