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Letter to the editor

Let’s try to get along

If you’re reading this letter, guess we made it past the pending Mayan “day of doom.”

I find it interesting, as much as we brag about our advancements as humans, we still fall for these ridiculously conceived predictions. Apparently mankind as a collective group has not learned from the past prediction of pending doomsdays. Are you still are eating your doomsday rations left over from 1999?

With our nation on the edge of a financial cliff, innocent children being slaughtered in our schools, and citizens of other nations being killed in hope of obtaining democracy, perhaps we should focus on the things that are important? When was the last time you volunteered to help a local citizen? The last time you just took a few seconds during your day to hug a loved one? Just the simple act of showing kindness to a stranger goes a long way in today’s world.

Myself, I try to focus on how fragile life is while trying to take time to reflect on the small things in my life. By projecting positive attitudes, the world is a little less stressful. We humans are not just solitary entities in this world, coping with our lives. We are a collective family that needs to understand our daily actions, positive or negative, have direct effects on our fellow man.

So I ask, if possible, try to be extra kind to someone who is currently ruffling your feathers. Perhaps an act of kindness will change their perspective.

Donald Jackson

Carson City