Letter to the editor Dec. 23 | NevadaAppeal.com

Letter to the editor Dec. 23

Sarah Palin draws ire

for telling it like it is

It is borderline amusing how one woman of political prominence – Gov. Palin – can draw so much scorn from people of little or no accomplishment of their own, the latest of which appeared on your pages recently by one Tina Dupuy, whoever she is.

Personally, I find Gov. Palin a breath of fresh air with her candid responses that substantially distinguish her from the political crowd. Ask her a question and you shall receive a non-hesitant, honest reply. One may not like the reply, but that is a matter of personal preference.

Would I vote for her? Well, that would depend, as always, on the quality of the opposition. American voters are lazy critters in that they do not of their own initiative vet the various candidates. Instead, they allow the dishonest journalists to tell them who to vote for, and that is precisely why we have the corrupt Harry Reid types taking up full-time residence in our anti-constitutional, and grossly overreaching government, all of which defies the specified and limited authority given the government.

Gov. Palin isn’t a fan of that group, thus the endless string of condemnations that others do not get.

Vernon M. Latshaw