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Letter to the editor Dec. 3

Postpone bear hunt decision; seek other opinions

My message to the Nevada Department of Wildlife Commission is to give democracy a chance. Postpone the decision on hunting bears for one year. It is too controversial and polarizing. Let Nevadans form focus groups at the county level to discuss bear management philosophies and strategies. People such as myself and the 500 signatures on the petition I submit to you who oppose the bear hunt have no real voice.

The proposed bear hunt is totally out of touch and out of step with Northern Nevada’s vision of the future. The chambers of commerce, the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, the convention and visitors authorities of both North and South Lake Tahoe have united the public and private sector in a vision for economic development and prosperity surrounding four economic clusters. Tahoe and Northern Nevada are being promoted as a destination for ecotourism, sustainability and green innovation.

Bear advocates are a large part of this initiative. The next international exposition of this initiative occurs next summer at the lake. It will be embarrassing to have our Department of Wildlife policies so contrary to the vision of local, private and public sectors.

Tahoe bears and what happens to them are the stuff of legend. Our bears are not just a statistic, but cultural icons. The whole nation watches.

It will be a sad day for Nevada as this chapter plays out in the national and international court of public opinion.

Kathryn Bricker

Zephyr Cove