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Letters 12-11

Heller, Ensign staff were gracious hosts

After reading Abigail Johnson’s recent column, I was going to write to the editor but Lynda Shoemaker’s wonderful response said it all. Now, after hearing the comments from our state “embarrassment,” Harry Reid, regarding the “smelly tourists” who visit our nation’s capital, the writing urge has resurfaced.

In September 2007, my wife and I, along with three other couples, had the extreme privilege to embark on a three month, 12,000 mile RV trip across this great country. We avoided interstate highways so as to see and hear the heart and soul of real, rural America and her people. Part of this fantastic journey was five days in Washington, D.C., where we camped outside the city and rode the train in each day to do our sight seeing.

Based on arrangements through the offices of Congressman Dean Heller and Sen. John Ensign, we had scheduled tours of the Capitol and the White House. So there we were in cowboy hats, boots and blue jeans, although I’m quite sure we didn’t smell too badly. We were met in his office by Congressman Heller, who was on his way to a hearing and he escorted us through the underground tunnel to the Capitol, talking with us the entire way. He didn’t seem offended by our dress or odor but rather appeared genuinely pleased that we were there. (Congratulations on your re-election victory Dean, and hold fast to your conservative values.)

Sen. Ensign was unavailable but his staff was extremely gracious and helpful with the White House tour and we enjoyed every minute of our stay. We did not bother to contact Sen. Reid’s office, and in retrospect, based on his recent observations regarding tourists who visit “his” town, it was probably for the best.



The law is the law, and must be upheld

I read the opinion of Mr. Mraz concerning Lt. Gov. Krolicki and can relate to how he feels. Mr. Krolicki represents the all-American good guy type, is one of Nevada’s favorite sons and it’s not like he absconded with the money. He just spent it for the education of young people, right? It certainly doesn’t seem like it should be a felony. I just want to point out one little fly in the ointment.

If the state can prove he acted without authority in spending the additional $6 million, Krolicki is guilty of misappropriating state funds, a felony. This is the law. It would be the same in a case where a young man, one month past his 18th birthday, is accused of having sex with a girl, 15 years and 8 months old. I’m sure this young man, his friends and family would not think it fair. He is, after all, little more than a boy himself, and the difference between 15 years and 8 months, and 18 is hardly discernible. However, 18 is 18, and 16 years is the age of consent. This is the line drawn in the sand. If proven, this young man is guilty of statutory sexual seduction, a gross misdemeanor in his case.

In either case, the appropriate punishment should be meted out, but appropriate is a relative term. Before a trial ever ensues in the sex case, I am certain there’d be many good people with the same mind as Mr. Mraz calling for the castration of this young man. You know, because it seems so wrong.

I’d just like to know how we became so emotional about the law. It’s not religion … or is it?


Carson City

Republicans, you lost; now get over it

Lynn Muzzy and Rob Cobb really need to go into journalism. They obviously think they know better than established media on what stories hold credit and what stories don’t.

But my interest is this: Are you sitting on some secret cache of incriminating evidence showing the ACORN’s registration malfeasance? No? Do you have some hard incriminating evidence showing some kind of criminal activity between Obama and Rezko? No? Do you have some evidence that Obama violated any election laws by setting up an apparatus in which millions of low-wage common Americans could donate small sums of money to his campaign? No? Do you have some evidence of a conspiracy regarding Obama’s birth certificate, or some proof that Obama paid off thousands of media organizations and the state of Hawaii’s health apparatus? No? Then hush up.

You’re unhappy McCain lost. Get over it. Now you know how Democrats felt in 2004. We got over it and waited for the train wreck Bush administration to develop. In 2006, Americans in many states voted to replace Republican Congressfolk with Democrats. Was there a great failing or bias of the media then? Did Reid pull off some Machiavellian caper and get angry moderates to change parties? Or could it be that the American people recognize disaster that you still ignore in the 11th hour? And now, with a full economic meltdown, we are seeing the final legacy of the Bush administration.

Rather than cry foul about how wrong it was that a president was elected, why don’t you give him a year in office and see what he really does? Obama might choke, appoint cronies and start wearing a turban. Or maybe he’ll offer Americans a better deal and help heal a faltering economy.

It’s your decision whether you’ll step up, accept the reality of the situation, admit that the media really was doing their jobs and that more Americans preferred one candidate over the other, and work with finding a solution to our problems, or scream and cry about how unfair it all was to Johnny and Georgie.