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Letters 12-12

Mayor will bring new direction

I welcome Mayor-elect Bob Crowell and his victory and see this as an indication that a new direction for Carson City has arrived, one that will be a partnering with citizens and local business.

His administration will demonstrate cooperation and achievement which will help our city to flourish, possibly to even recast Carson City as the political center of the state, as it rightfully deserves.

Carson citizens deserve a world-class community, one that is safe, clean and well equipped to provide its citizens with superior services. There are a number of city departments that actually bring in revenue. These departments his administration should look to elevate; doing so would generate even more funds.

His administration needs to convey that redevelopment spending needs to include infrastructure. This would be more beneficial for the community than helping to finance one single business entity at a time.

His administration is our front line in these economically troubling times. The fundamental changes for retooling the city will consist of cooperation, negotiation and concessions by all, which can be accomplished by transparencies by having their meetings held at time that the average citizen can attend, participate and have a voice; they cannot hope to do this when meetings are held at 8:30 a.m. on a workday.

I want Mayor-elect Bob Crowell to know I have great hope for his administration to have perseverance and determination to navigate our city’s future. I have additional hope that citizens will have a sense of strength of duty to help his administration by volunteering for community service.

Mayor-elect Bob Crowell will bring unwavering commitment to Carson City. Voters elect candidates whose message is similar to theirs, they want to feel proud of those they do elect and I have every reason to believe I and Carson City will feel proud of Bob Crowell. His emphasis will be on results, his success will be our success, Carsonites want their government to be successful, and with Mayor-elect Bob Crowell it soon will be.


Carson City

Who prosecutes the prosecutors?

Who in our great state of Nevada holds responsible those who break the law when the law-breakers, and those who support their behavior, are the very people who have the duty to uphold the laws of Nevada?

Who prosecutes the Douglas County District Attorney’s office for violation of NRS 239.0107 by not responding to written requests by the end of the fifth business day (or tenth business day or even 30th business day)?

Who prosecutes the NHP trooper who, despite requests made under discovery and NRS 239 provisions, fails to submit documentation of training in “visual estimation” of speed of vehicle when going 55 mph in the opposite direction? When the same trooper submits an altered public document as evidence (altering a public document is a category C felony per NRS 239.310), takes no responsibility and blames it on some communications specialist?

Who helps when a judge condones such actions by “bah humbugging” such behavior and does not even give a verbal warning to the above two individuals? The judge then victimizes the victim further and rewards the above lawbreakers by increasing the penalty ” despite evidence in front of him that visual estimation has an error of 5 mph and the trooper used an uncertified radar gun.

I am simply puzzled as to where and why did the judge’s passion for “fair trial” disappear when the lawbreakers are the ones tasked with upholding the law? I wish the judge had spoken up in favor of the victim (me) and set a precedent that, at least in his courtroom, absolutely no one is above the law.

Who in Nevada holds these entities responsible and accountable? Who has the authority to enforce the penalties for violation of law? Is it the Office of Gov. Gibbons? Speaker Buckley? DPS Director Hafen? NHP Chief Perry? Who? Anyone? Or no one?

If anyone has answers, please email them to jainra1@yahoo.com. If no one has the answers, perhaps it is time for the 2009 Legislature to repeal NRS 239.



Truck driver saved her from dog

I was out walking in my neighborhood today and right up my street, a black dog came running toward me barking. A truck was coming down the street and pulled over to the left to stop the dog and the dog ran back into the yard. I just want to say “thank you” for being there when I needed someone. I turned and came back down the street while the truck was there.

You people that let your dogs run loose should take better care of your pets. I will be prepared the next time.

Thank you again, sir.



Obama not ready to lead nation

For the first time in my life I am so disappointed in my country. You have hired a man with absolutely no experience, questionable religious choices, questionable funding and questionable friends to lead our country. He speaks like a mission statement with a vocabulary that is void of any meaningful content. His enormous ego added to the lack of experience could be a very dangerous combination.

I did not hire him but the majority of you did and I hope he does not disappoint you. We will see, in the next four years, if he can do the job. Keep your fingers crossed that he can.


Carson City

Get second opinion on car repairs

Have you taken your car back to the dealer for repairs? Well, I have and let me tell you, it was the worst experience of my entire life. The first time I went to their garage was for a simple oil change. After months I discovered that the mechanics never changed the oil, they just charged me for it.

Later I went to other places that would actually change my oil and avoided that garage. But after a few years, I needed a new car and purchased another. This one started experiencing transmission problems and I took it back to the dealership. (The salesmen promised they had new mechanics who wouldn’t treat me like the last ones did.) But did they! My car was stuck in the parking lot for five days while the mechanics focused on pricing a new transmission rather than diagnosing the car and seeing if I even needed one.

That car dealership has lost my family’s patronage. So the moral of this story is to be sure you get what you pay for when it comes to your car’s maintenance. Check the oil yourself afterward and get a second opinion on all repairs.