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Letters 12-21

Young voters blind to moral corruption

Regarding Kimberly Carsten’s assertion about informed young voters, including herself:

If she and her like-minded youthful voters paid very close attention to candidate policies, how could they vote for a candidate who thinks there’s nothing wrong with killing the unborn (even referring to unwanted unborn as punishment) when the United States Constitution, which guarantees “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” has been compromised by the Supreme Court, i.e. Roe vs. Wade decision, to illegally strip the unborn of this first right, the right to life? No life! No other rights!

Not only does Obama promote abortion, he wants to pass the Freedom of Choice Act, which, basically, would deprive medical professionals of constitutionally guaranteed “religious freedom” for refusal to participate in killing of the unborn!

He favors homosexual “marriage” which defies the natural law; wants to force all working citizens to support those not working and those here illegally by giving them our educational, medical and Social Security benefits. That’s called grand larceny. Ever heard of it?

Her comment that she was only concerned for “her” future shows total lack of appreciation and even understanding of the contribution by those of the “older generation” to each generation’s welfare, which certainly, did not include the selfish “Mein Kampf” mentality she expresses.

The “older generation” handles “change” quite well. That does not translate to being blind to morally and constitutionally corrupt policies.

Judgmental? Developing “character” includes recognizing the difference between “right” and “wrong!”

“Closed minded?” So what she is really saying is the older generation does not want to compromise its historically correct policies or basic moral values to make the younger generation feel good about their ignorance or lack of same.

Oh, we do take you very seriously. And we’re going to do everything we can, including prayer, for all generations and the morally challenged president-elect et al., to bring you to a correct understanding of what you are really doing to this country before you completely destroy this one nation under God with which He so generously blessed us … for how long we wonder?



Editorial cartoon about Bush was over the top

On the Wednesday, the newspaper put out a cartoon on the opinion page about Bush dodging a shoe, and then about to get clobbered by a soldier’s boot.

I just wanted to say that poking fun of the commander in chief is one thing, but to use a cartoon showing a soldier’s blown off limb to clobber the president is a bit much. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and have a happy holiday.


Carson City

This Nevadan is proud of Sen. Harry Reid

I am not embarrassed at all by our distinguished senator from Searchlight. In fact, I am very proud that he has “integrity and guts,” as the Parade Magazine stated.

If more senators had his sense of doing what’s right for the people and working tirelessly to accomplish his goals, we would have a more efficient Senate.

Keep up the good work, Harry!


Carson City

Remembering horror of wild horse massacre

Dec. 27, 2008, marks the 10th anniversary of a horrifying hate crime against wild horses. It began with a body count of six, then it grew to 12, and by the end of 1998 the crime scene stretched for miles and it was evident that 34 wild horses had been gunned down in the Virginia Range ” at Christmas time. Three local men were arrested, two of whom were Marines and one who disclosed a history of weekend high school outings into the mountains to shoot wild horses.

A wounded 6-month-old filly had been shot through her spine. Her hind legs were paralyzed. She tried to get up, digging a hole with her front legs but to no avail. She was euthanized by the deputy. A mare and her nursing filly lay dead next to each other. A short distance away laid a dead stallion. Across the dirt road was a young stallion standing close to his dead buddy. Finally, he left his friend and walked fearfully down the dirt road. The last discovered that day was a 4-month-old dead colt, whose eyes, mouth, rectum and genitals had been maliciously sprayed using a fire extinguisher.

Storey County Lady of Justice fell short for these wild ones with a plea-bargaining for one horse as the adult defendants, Merlino, Brock and Brendle, wanted to get on with their lives, while they left behind an everlasting memory, never to be forgotten.

At this time, let us pause to remember Wild Horse Annie’s wild ones, who did not die in vain; for the first time in Nevada, it became a felony to kill a wild horse on state lands.

This crime spurred author Deanne Stillman to write a widely acclaimed classic book, “Mustang,” after 10 years of research into the horse on this continent, focusing on the wild ones, their significance to our country, and their current threatened eradication. She asks in her book, why are we, a cowboy nation, destroying the horse we rode in on? Great question!



Washoe Valley

Liars practicing for political career

Regarding the front page article in the Appeal Dec. 1 titled, “Students Lie, Cheat and Steal.” Give the kids a break. Maybe they are planning a future as politicians and are just practicing for the job, considering the example they are given.


Carson City