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Letters to the editor 01-02

Wrestlers deserve

more coverage

The Nevada Appeal did a great job covering the high school football games and the track and field meets with good articles and photos. They are also doing a good job covering the boys’ and girls’ basketball games.

But where is the coverage for the wrestling team? There are close to 40 kids on the team and I am sure their parents and fans would enjoy reading about how they are doing at their tournaments.

So how about some coverage?

Owen Craugh

Carson City

No lack of folks

doing stupid things

Every morning I wake up, there is something completely crazy going on in this wonderful world of ours. There are always stupid people doing stupid things, and doing them poorly at that. These people are in the minority, yet their errors in judgment grossly outweigh everybody else’s good judgment.

Why is it people do these things? Are they so swayed by the merest passions of greed and jealousy that they’d do something the rest of our community would consider nuts? If so, then why?

I feel it is their upbringing. Now, I’m not about to say every parent of a criminal is a criminal, but the parents’ moods, and how they control said moods are what molds children, though children can certainly and often easily break that mold.

Basically, what I am trying to get across is that we need to start watching not what our children say, but what we say, what we watch and listen to. We all need to remind ourselves of the old mantra “Garbage in, garbage out” and bring it to bear on our hearts and minds.

Nathen Berger

Carson City

Shopping spree

again brings joy

I stood in line with the same familiar faces I see every year during the annual Christmas with a Cop Shopping Spree at Walmart. My partner was a delightful 5-year-old boy, who promptly informed me that he liked fish and asked if we could go by the fish tanks. We made our way in the direction of the aquariums to watch fish for a while. Clearly these were happy fish, and fun to watch as they circled one another, swimming in and out of their watery playground.

Finally we began steering our shopping cart toward the toys. We bought a pirate ship with sails, action figures and an octopus. We bought an Eskimo canoe, or kayak, with its very own camper transport. And we remembered members of our family and friends, selecting a glitter-glow-in-the-dark ball, a scooter board with the word freedom written on it, and a soft, furry toy kitten and puppy.

We talked about The Kids’ Talking Wall at the Carson Mall, and its “My Fish People Show,” where the animated fish actually talk (with viewers.) Then we grabbed a couple of corn dogs, and a drink, sang a couple of songs – about what else – fish. Then off he went to board the big yellow bus that would transport him and his presents safely home.

Once again, I have to applaud the sheriff’s office, and the good folks of Carson City on working together as a community to save Christmas for some very deserving children. Nice job everybody!

Carole Thompson

Carson City

How about a fairer

tax for all concerned?

I am sure by now that folks are receiving renewals for vehicle registrations that are double and some triple in cost due to SB429, effective Sept. 1, 2009. Apparently this family was not paying attention when this bill was slipped in on May 29 of the recent legislative session. Gov. Jim Gibbons vowed no new taxes, however, he forgot to mention this one.

The sad part of this law is that it affects people with older vehicles, over nine years old, far more than those with newer models. In this economic time, the folks driving older vehicles can probably not afford newer cars, therefore, they will be strapped the most. Is there not a more fair tax that would affect all equally?

Patricia Davis

Carson City