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Letters to the editor 11-13

Health care reform will correct a world of ills

Health insurance reform will cover part time or temporary employees with on the job injuries, but were denied worker’s comp because they didn’t have “legal representation” to fight for them against the insurance company.

It’ll help lower premiums, and people not covered because the cost is too high. It’ll stop insurance companies from denying coverage because they didn’t cover your medical services at the time the service was performed, although you’d already paid your premiums.

Or, your prescription isn’t covered because the insurance company decided against you, even though a doctor ordered that medication.

Health insurance reform will help insured people who have to rely on social services or neighbors (cake walks, car washes, etc.), to pay out-of-pocket medical costs for their children’s cancer treatments, or mortgage payments, while they take time off work to care for them.

Ramona Russell

Carson City

We need reform that won’t make life worse

Rep. Dean Heller, regarding your not jumping the fence for the health reform bill of some 2,000 pages that will cause complete chaotic stress to the senior citizens of the United States, that anyone not affiliated with the House or Senate will not be able to understand, and that I doubt even the lawmakers fully understand:

How many other pork projects are being tacked on by Sen. Reid and Rep. Pelosi and others? I say no to illegal immigrants, no cuts to Medicare, lay down the law to people who have abused the system and made themselves rich by illegal billing.

We are already stuck with paying off financial wizards’ bad mistakes, and the public still has not seen job increases and probably never will for years to come. So why make it even more difficult for people and companies that are struggling to make a life? Because that’s the way I see the health reform as put forward. Yes, I believe there is need for health reform, but for the people, not against the people.

John Choat

Carson City

Democrats, ‘man up’ and pass reform

The House of Representatives passed the health care bill, now it is in the Senate’s hands. The health care industry has put to death a number of my family members. The Democrats and the president need to man up. I have lost much of the goodwill I had toward these two groups.

If affordable health care doesn’t happen soon, government of the people and for the people will be lost. Then government for and by the mega-rich will crumble and the government will be lost to anarchy.

Robert Blalock


Political rift puts America at war with itself

I am concerned about the current political climate in America today.

The polarizing and politicizing of every issue reveals an America at war with itself. There is too much vitriol, hate, anger and resentment in an all-out war on Barack Obama to sabotage his presidency.

Obama won the election by 10 million votes and almost 200 electoral votes to bring change to America. The Republicans have stood foursquare against every measure by the administration (except those two women from Maine).

Example: Republican Web sites were warning against the Supreme Court nomination before it was announced who it would be.

Barack Obama is multiracial, multiethnic and multicultural – never before seen in U.S. presidential politics, something to celebrate. He is brilliant, an inspiring orator, a kind and caring person, exceptionally educated, a constitutional lawyer and a constitutional law professor. Why not let him govern with some support, like a year or so? Then, if things don’t improve, complain.

Whatever happened to the notion of supporting the president?

If he is right, even the most vocal of his detractors will benefit from the improvements he brings to the country.

Support our president!

Rick St. Thomas