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Letters to the editor 11-19

Obama behaving like a king already

Those of you that voted for Barack Obama, I hope you are happy. He has already announced that he is going to stop the drilling off shore. The American people wanted it so bad that they even convinced the Democratic Senate and House. Does he want to be the president of the people or king?


Carson City

Budget cuts should start at the top

Finally, common sense idea emerges in the midst of America’s gloomy financial crisis!

In Nevada Appeal’s Nov. 11 issue, Geoff Dornan’s front-page story headlines ” Gov. Gibbons suggests state salary cuts!

What a refreshing idea to help Nevada’s budget shortfall by reducing state salaries including his own! This is real change. A strong indication that Nevada could become a model inspiration for federal folks in high places. Some tax increases still may be needed, but more palpable, if the guys at the top take the first bite.

I don’t think top salary cuts will make up the overall budget deficits. And I agree with Gov. Gibbons that any kind of a tax increase coming with a “temporary only” tag that usually becomes permanent. But if, when we need to increase taxes, a firm cut-off time line should be mandated.

Yet if his idea flies, Nevada could set precedence for “right action” in the world of professional politicians. This could even go national. It sure would take the sting out of the anger, distrust, and angst so many of us feel in this upside down economy.

And, could we hope, maybe, just maybe, that President-elect Obama and all Congress members might consider such an “original” idea? Even better, act on it. Soon! February 2009 would be a good target date.

The big plus here is a boost in constituent loyalty and trust. True, it is only a baby step in America’s recent election based on change.

Right now Americans pay big time by “doing it tough” with millions now unemployed, home foreclosures, two wars to support, plus the Wall Street gang, etc.

While Gov. Jim Gibbons still is against overall raising taxes, he, at least, suggests risking a real change in the usual political behavior. This shows Nevadans, the Top Guns in our state can “do it tough,” too.

And that’s where it should start. At the top.

And that is all I have to say about that … for now.



Young voters are also informed voters

As a 24-year-old member of this community, I am sick and tired of hearing how “uninformed” I was in my voting decision. This comment has been seen in a letter to the editor of the Nevada Appeal, which was written by Russell Lenhares, and also in the Sierra Sage in an article written by Len Semas.

As it turns out, and it may shock some of you, I paid very close attention to this election and the policies of each candidate. My education has taught me at least one thing and that is to do my research and learn as much as I can.

So not only did I do the research on the presidential candidates but also because I was born and raised in Carson City I made sure I was well informed on the local issues that I would have the privilege to vote on.

What many of you do not understand is that for the youth of this country this election would affect the rest of our lives, and my decision was based on what was going to be best for my future and not what would be best for the older generations.

This country changes every day, and for some people they cannot handle the changes that could make this country a great place for everyone not just the middle and upper classes. The real problem is not the young voters but people who are so closed minded and judgmental.

I sure hope that people start taking the younger population more seriously because obviously we will make sure we are heard. I am actually very appalled that Len Semas is teaching at Western Nevada College when in his article he seems to have such a disregard for the young people in this community.


Carson City