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Letters to the editor 11-25

Dispatches from Iraq

much anticipated

My son is in Iraq. He has been there since June. I have appreciated Sgt. Underhill’s column “Dispatch from Iraq.” I cut the article out every Sunday. I feel closer to my son just reading the articles. My goal is to make a scrapbook with all the articles for my son. I mistakenly threw out all the articles. I wrote Nevada Appeal Publisher Niki Gladys and explained my problem and she immediately responded with a wonderful note and a promise that the articles will be sent to me as soon as possible.

I am so grateful to her and to Sgt. Underhill. Niki expressed appreciation for my son’s service for us all. This note is to express my appreciation to Niki Gladys and Sgt. Underhill and your paper for printing the column “Dispatch From Iraq.”

I look forward to Sundays to read the column and to feel closer to my son. I am proud of my son and am sure that all of the parents of the National Guard 1864th Truck Co. appreciate the articles as much as

I do.

Kathleen Frazer

Sun Valley

Maybe it’s time for

a trip to Venezuela

I must respond to the jaw-dropping ignorance expressed in the recent letters to the editor section. Have these writers even read the Pelosi health care bill (H.R. 3962)?

You berate Rep. Heller for his no vote. A vote, by the way, to defend and protect your freedom, and possibly to keep you out of jail.

In sec. 202 (pg. 91-92), the bill forces you to enroll in a qualified plan as designed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Sec. 224 (pg. 118) says that 18 months after the bill becomes law, the Secretary of Health and Human Services will decide what a qualified plan covers and how much you’ll be forced to pay for it.

Oh, and check this out. The non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) confirmed that the failure to comply with the individual mandate to buy health insurance contained in the Pelosi health care bill could land you in jail up to five years or you could face criminal fines or both.

Pelosi, Reid and Obama are claiming that they can imprison people for not buying insurance. That has never before ever been hinted at as being a crime.

During an interview, President Obama said that penalties are appropriate.

Pelosi said, “The legislation is very fair in this respect.”

Maybe you should pack your families and move to Hugo Chaves’ Venezuela. He, apparently, has a government more to your liking.

J. R. Arndell


We will not sit by while government ruins us

I ask you to not support this health care bill. For me personally, I would lose the good insurance I now have. It would also make me a fugitive because I don’t have enough income to pay for this new bill.

I also have lost my confidence in the present government system and am willing to do anything necessary for the safety of myself and others to stop any actions against me or them.

We are dealing with very evil people who are willing to rid our world of people they feel are useless and non-productive. Don’t be fooled by our uselessness. We are also wise to your plans and it will not be an easy task to destroy us. While we may lose in the end, many will fall with us.

I do have hope for my future because I am also a Christian and I am not a meek person willing to go to the slaughter willingly. Jesus will come soon and take care of these evildoers. May God have mercy on your souls and may you seek him before it is too late.

Charlotte Lequieu


Bill Williamson brought years of joy to Carson City

Upon reading the front page story of the passing of Bill Williamson and his beloved dog Beau, we feel so very sad at the loss of such a special man. Bill and his golden retrievers have brought so many smiles to children and adults alike. They were such a big part of Carson City. Our children and grandchildren and countless others always looked forward to seeing them in parades.

They made the Carson Christmas tree lighting seem like a scene from a Norman Rockwell picture. We always told him, “you should make Christmas cards of this.”

To his family our deepest sympathy. We will all miss him and his dogs, but we will never forget any of them. Thank you for all the great memories.

Pete & Laurie Livermore

Carson City