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Letters to the editor 11-26

Election 2010 can’t

come fast enough

The 2010 elections can’t come fast enough to remove every liberal supporting this (health care) bill and others like it from Congress.

Senators who vote in favor of the health care bill as it stands now not only take away our liberties and all Americans’ fundamental freedom to choose, but more importantly they will have violated their oath to the Constitution. The House and Senate have already exceeded their enumerated powers, and by voting for health care reform and promoting a socialist agenda in America, an argument can be made showing them to be traitors to America and our Constitution.

The Democrats locked out the Republicans and changed the locks to keep them out. One freshman Republican, who was coerced at the 11th hour and voted for the bill, does not make it bipartisan in any sense of the word. He will be gone the next time he’s up for re-election, as will most of the Democrats who voted to change our free country into a welfare state.

The Democrats in Congress need to wake up to their oaths of office and realize how horribly wrong their vision is for this country. Their exploitation of crisis and fear to leverage our republic into a socialist state will not be tolerated. Every representative and senator voting for a bill such as this is prima facie proof of their dereliction of duty and of their obscene stewardship of our republic, our liberties and our very freedom.

Walter M. Nowosad

Carson City

How about enforcing

laws on the books?

On Friday the 13th, Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano stated that the “Obama administration will push for immigration reform by giving the estimated 14 million people who are in the United States illegally “fair pathway to earned legal status.” She also said that getting this “population right with the law” will help fix our broken system.

She said it would help our ailing economy. She mentioned unions couldn’t get the best working terms if the people are illegal and working in the shadows. And it will better secure our borders.

What’s wrong with this picture? Hmmmm, where to start? How about enforcing the law already on the books and deport these people, period, end of story. And everybody knows union membership has been declining for years … what better way to help the unions. And it would be another boost to Democrats’ voter registration. So you bet they are interested in reform and certainly not enforcing the law.

Oh, and one other thing. Since illegals would not be included in the new healthcare reform, making them legal would give them free medical service at the expense of the rest of us.

Election day 2010 can’t come fast enough. We must reform Congress.

Ed Deusenberry

Carson City