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Letters to the editor 11-28

Sen. Raggio needs to open his eyes

It was quoted in the Sunday Nov. 9 edition of the Nevada Appeal that Sen. Bill Raggio said the Republican Party is going to have to change. It’s gone too far to the right: If that quote is correct then Sen. Raggio has his blinders on too tight.

The party has shifted left after Reagan left office to the point that, in most cases, you can’t tell the difference between Democrat or Republican. The party has many rhinos who have destroyed the party. We haven’t had a really good president ” Democrat or Republican ” since Reagan, Clinton being the worst. He could not tell the truth and he has a zipper problem.

I and thousands of others have left the party because of the left shift, and the immoral behavior of many, such as Sen. Ted Stevens and Rep. Tom DeLay. Too many have caught Clinton’s zipper disease. It is time all Republicans put our country first. A good start would be the elimination of pork spending, and to stop lining your own pockets.

I voted Republican last election because of the background and integrity of Gov. Sarah Palin. She is an example of the changes we needed. We need to get back to the morality the party used to respect.



Dependency on oil is breaking economy

Let’s see, the stock market is down, home mortgages in the toilet, home foreclosures running rampant, groceries expensive, bailouts to the tune of more than $700 billion. But don’t fret, the taxpayer will bail out the non-existent, so-called government.

How did we get here? Everyone was putting all their money in their gas tank! If you go to work your costs of getting there just doubled, everyone’s costs went up! Because the price of oil that has been jacked up by every country that really doesn’t like us.

Greenpeace, who doesn’t want us to drill, is protecting the yellow-bellied spider or something like that. We better standup and drill, expand our refineries, go nuclear power, and stop our dependency on foreign oil. It would take us over five years to get there.

As the fuel costs were rising, every cost we have in our personal lives goes up, only the fuel prices are coming down, but for how long? Remember the fuel costs went up for about 10 months and almost broke this country, starting with the individuals, and then city, state, and federal agencies. After all they were paying the high prices of fuel for all the services they provide us also.

The terrorists waging war on the free world know how they can defeat us ” just raise the price of foreign oil and keep it there until they bankrupt us. They win without firing a shot. It seems funny to me that no one from our government has come to this conclusion.



United States is losing its morals

What does U.S.A. truly stand for? Unclean Spirits of Abomination?

First California, then Connecticut legalized the joining of sexual perverts in “holy” matrimony and now Nevada’s leaders want to raise the crime rate by lowering the gambling age ” saying it will help the economy. It might make the casino owners richer for a little while and may employ more law enforcement personnel as Nevada attracts more high school dropouts from all over the U.S.A.

Does that make for a brighter future? Does that improve the economy?


Carson City